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Mindfulness for Beginners

Finding time for self care can be difficult and yet we know it is essential for our wellbeing. By joining our mindfulness courses, you have not only the guidance and support of a qualified facilitator but also that of other group members.

This course runs for 8 weeks and can be completed in person or online. Group courses take place three times a year in January, April and September. 


If you would prefer to complete the course on a one to one basis, please contact me directly to arrange dates and times to suit you.

More Information 

This course integrates aspects of MCBT and MSR (Mindful Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindful Stress Relief), both of which are recommended by the National Institute for Care Excellence and the NHS as an effective prevention for recurring depression and anxiety.

Week by week this course provides you with the tools to navigate life pressures effectively through meditation, mindful movement, story telling, poetry and discussion. We also explore findings of recent research into the practice. 


In addition to an increased sense of wellbeing, some of the other proven benefits of

Mindfulness and Meditation practice include . . .

benefits of mindfulness meditation

This course is purely for the benefit of your wellbeing and there are no assessments. When conducted online, cameras and mics are turned off during the meditation element of the session to allow to you relax fully in the comfort of your own home.

You will also be given access to our online resource library that will enable you refer to session notes and listen to recordings of the guided meditations included on the course whenever you like.

Please feel free to call me for a chat if you would like more information or to discuss your specific needs.

"In the Beginners Mind there are many possibilities in the experts there are few"
shunryu suzuki


Please click the link below if you are seeking the resources page.

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