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Hi There and Welcome

My Name is Berni Crane, the founder of Mindlight Meditation and I will be the facilitator for your mindfulness course.

My aim when creating Mindlight Meditation was to provide you with the opportunity to experience the many benefits of mindfulness meditation in a relaxed, non judgmental and supportive environment. 


About Your Facilitator

For many years I worked within the chaotic environments of the both the care and education sectors. I was exhausted and stressed and rarely had any time to myself.  When I did manage to get a moment, I couldn't relax. I even woke up in the morning to find my teeth clenched. Not good! The dental bills were nothing compared to the cost to my quality of life.

Having taught Psychology in colleges and universities for over a decade I thought I understood the power of the mind pretty well, but it wasn't until I actually started practicing meditation and mindfulness on a daily basis that I really began to understand that what goes on in the mind has such a powerful influence on every aspect of your life, health and wellbeing.

Some years ago, following a nasty accident I was forced to spend a lot of time sitting still, and so, I enrolled  for a course in meditation and mindfulness. The change that this made to my life was incredible, I now sleep well and feel refreshed upon waking, have much more energy and I am able to properly relax. In addition to this my relationships with others improved and even my skin and hair felt better

As a Certified Teacher of the Mindfulness Now programme and a Registered Mindfulness Teacher, I would love to share these skills with you and help you to bring sense of peace and wellbeing to your own life.

Bright Blessings


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