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Exploring Meditation

This 8 week course is suitable for those interested in exploring the more esoteric or spiritual aspects of meditation practice.

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This 8 week group course delves further into some of the different types of meditation, including . . .


  • Chakra Meditation

  • Crystal Meditation 

  • Gratitude and Manifesting Abundance

  • Angel Meditation

  • Empath Meditation - Calling back your energy

  • Sounds, Mantras and Vibrations

  • Exploring the Concept of the Inner Child

Each week we will focus on a different aspect of meditation and expand your awareness of the topic.

This course is purely for the benefit of your wellbeing and there are no assessments. Cameras and mics are turned off during the meditation elements of the session to allow you to relax fully in the comfort of your own home.

You will also be given access to our online resource library that will enable you to refer to the session notes and listen to recordings of the guided meditations included on the course.

Please feel free to call me for a chat if you would like more information. 


"The mind  is a tool for exploration, not for drawing conclusions." 

Meditating in Nature

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Exploring Meditation Resources, please click below.

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