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Mindfulness for Pain Relief Workshop

Saturday 15th July 2023
10.00 a.m. to 12.30 a.m.

Pain, be it physical or emotional can be relentless and trying to cope with chronic pain can have a severe effect on our wellbeing. Medication to control pain can be very effective but we can also manage our levels of pain with mindfulness meditation.  Please read on to find out more about how you can use the power of your mind to help manage your chronic pain.

Does pain have to be painful? ​


It's a strange question, I know, but did you know that recent clinical trials have shown that mindfulness meditation can have a notable impact upon the way we experience pain. 

Having worked closely with health services for over a decade I take the view that that both conventional medicine and complementary therapies both play an important role in managing ongoing pain. By connecting the mind with the body's natural healing system during meditation, chronic pain can be significantly reduced. 


Regular Mindfulness Meditation can also help to relieve some of the accompanying symptoms of chronic pain including irritability, depression and insomnia. ​


This online workshop provides you with some cognitive and mindful skills that will help you manage your pain levels in a calmer, more natural way. The technique works well with both physical and emotional pain and once learned becomes a lifelong skill that you can tap into anytime, anywhere, when required.


The workshop will take place online so that you may enjoy the relaxing meditations in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of your own home. 


You will need access to Zoom, a quiet area where you will not be interrupted for a couple of hours, and a blanket and some pillows for support. Cameras and Microphones will be turned off during meditations to allow you to relax fully.​

As long as you are breathing, there is more right with you than there is wrong, no matter how ill or how hopeless you may feel." 

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Image by Radu Florin
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