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Free Manifesting Abundance Meditation

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If you are new to manifesting we have put together some information for you together with a meditation for you to try below.

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Find a relaxing spot where you won't be disturbed for the next half an hour.

You can sit or lie down for this meditation.

Best listened to on headphones

How to Manifest

What is Manifesting Abundance?

Manifesting Abundance is the ability to create your own reality by focussing on positive intentions.  In other words you create the conditions for how you wish things to be in your life through the power of your own thoughts. In recent years the concept of Manifesting Abundance  has become more popularly known at the 'The Law of Attraction', thanks to books like 'The Secret'.


The concept of manifesting abundance, however, has it's roots in nearly aincent philosophies, religions and cultures around the globe, including Christianity. 


“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer,

believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

Mark 11:24

The practice has been around for many thousands of years and proposes that we are able to manifest our desires into reality through focussing the power of our positive thoughts.  The aim of manifesting abundance is to manifest an abundant life and for some this may turn up in material or monetary form, however, for others it may show up as peace and contentment, depending what you focus upon. However, the aim should not be to grow 'materially rich' but rather to a grow a'richer life'.

How can I manifest abundance in my life?

One of the best ways of manifesting abundance is to adopt a relaxed state of consciousness through meditation. This practice creates an energetic space that needs to be filled.  We all know from our school days that 'nature abhors a vacuum' and so the universe will try to fill it. This where the attraction part comes in. Whatever you are focussed on during the process should manifest.


Where your attention goes, energy flows.


 It may not happen straight away, it may take months of regular practice depending on what you are trying to manifest but it will eventually show up in one form or another. 

The very best way to manifest abundance is to practice gratitude - every day. Express gratitude for the things you all ready have, e.g. a loving family, a roof over your head, food in your stomach. Really get in touch with the feeling of gratitude, inside your body, as a physical sensation.  Notice how real gratitude feels.  Now do the same for the blessings you are yet to receive and watch them start to appear. 



Some simple ways to practice gratitude:

  • Keep a journal - Write down3 things you are grateful for everyday (doesn't matter what they are, they can be small things like the sound of birdsong during your break at work, or large things like the safe birth of a new family member).  Write down the blessings you receive as a result of your manifesting efforts too.  It's lovely to look back on.

  • Set an alarm on your mobile phone -  for the same time every day to remind you to think of  3 things to be grateful for.  This is a lovely exercise when done as a family during dinnertimes so you can all share your gratitudes for the day.

  • Create a gratitude jar - Every time someone shows you a  kindness write it on a slip of paper and put in your gratitude jar.  Great for feeling the warm and fuzzies when you open and read them all at the end of the week/month/year.

  • Express gratitude verbally to someone who did something special for you -  (even it was a long time ago) tell them how it made you feel. Research has shown that expressing gratitude directly to someone can have positive health benefits for up to three months for both of you.

  • Do something kind for someone else.


Why not try to start focussing on the positive and see what happens when you do.

Bright Blessings


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