Why would I need a mindfulness teacher?

You might be wondering why you would need a teacher to learn mindfulness meditation when there are so many free apps and so much information around? You're not alone, I did too!

After spending about 3 years trying to meditate with no success, (I just kept falling asleep, which is not a bad thing, I obviously needed the rest) it was clear to me I needed help to get the hang of it. It wasn't until I attended a group course that things started coming together and I started to feel the true benefits of the practice.

Learning mindfulness meditation is tricky, it takes time and understanding. Many people (me included) start by plonking themselves down in lotus position and try to be quiet and still. But mindfulness is so much more than that. Understanding what is happening within your mind and the body while you observe your breath, thoughts and feelings without judgement is the key to its success. It's not all sitting around looking pretty and humming, you know!

Taking a mindfulness course will enable you to find out why and how the practice works, leading to a deeper understanding and therefore, greater success. You will receive compassionate support from both your faciliator and other group members whilst you explore your own thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It will connect you with likeminded people who also practice non judgment, helping to build your self esteem and sense of belonging. Practicing mindfulness regularly will open you up to a new world that allows you to create peaceful moments that will refresh and rejuvenate you, giving you more time and energy in your day.

If you do go on to develop a daily practice you can also expect to experience benefits such as; lower blood pressure, a stronger immune system, an improved memory and an ability to control anxiety and physical pain. All this for only 20 minutes out of your day, what's not to love?!

So, a qualified mindfulness teacher can not only provide you with knowledge and support but will guide you through the process of learning how to connect with yourself, with others and with the world around you in a more positive and meaningful way. Its a skill for life.

Bright Blessings


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