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The 7 Pillars of Self Care

You have very probably heard the term 'self care' ?

It's a phrase that seems to be everywhere at the moment but what does it actually mean for you? 

A research study carried by C.M. Godfrey in 2011, found that there are over 130 different definitions of the term 'self care'. It's no wonder then that many of us are left pondering, 'how can I practise self care effectively'? This course will show you how, read on . . . 

Maintaining the 7 Pillars of Self Care

This 8 week online course is inspired by the '7 Pillars of Self Care' developed by the International Self Care Foundation  and aims to explore and clarify the some of the philosophies and practices of 'self care'.


Each week we will explore a different aspect of self care including;


7 pillars of self care.png

Using a variety of methods including activities, storytelling, mindfulness meditation and discussion this enjoyable course will explore evidence based methods to help you to identify and develop strategies to create and maintain strong foundations for each pillar of your wellbeing. Thus overall improving both your physical and mental health.

Vintage Light Balls

An empty lantern provides no light. Self care is the fuel that allows you to shine.


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